Alberta Clipper Hunting
Retriever Association

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Judging Panel

2019 CKC National Master Judges

Zone 1: Stephen B Hutt, 7336 Highway 1, RR 1, Ellershouse, NS, B0N 1L0

It’s an honour being asked to judge at the CNMHT. Thank you! Back in 2009 I missed out on running a dog due to a work commitment, so I’m happy to accept this 2019 judging assignment.

I grew up along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia in the 1960’s & 70’s. As a boy and son of a commercial fishing family, it was expected that I would be a food gatherer. Snaring rabbits and hunting ducks after school were part of my seasonal duties. I would have loved the company of a retriever, but my family didn’t own a dog.

My wife Shelley had Toller’s growing up, but I never fully understood their abilities. When she suggested we get our 1st Duck Toller, I thought it would be just a family pet. How quickly we got hooked into the retriever game. Deke was a smart dog that learned way too fast and certainly gave us a run for our money.

Now some 15 years and a couple of CKC Master Hunter titled dogs later, I have a much higher appreciation for the working abilities of all the retriever breeds. Whether training, competing, judging or sitting as a club/committee member, I thoroughly enjoy my time in the dog world.

I look forward to working with Shelly and Dewayne as we put together a series of fun, challenging and fair tests. So, hat’s off to the competitors who work so very hard to qualify their dogs.

Special thanks to the Alberta Clipper Hunting Retriever Association for taking on the role of host. The photos of the grounds look superb. The natural terrain should set up nicely for evaluating retriever traits. I’m sure it will be a great success and hope that everyone enjoys their time at the 2019 CNMHT event.

Good luck and don’t forget to breathe,


Saltydog Kennel’s

Zone 2: Shelly Blom, 1630 First Concession Street, Delhi, ON N4B 2W6

I am very grateful for the opportunity to judge the Canadian National Master Retriever Hunt Test hosted by ACHRA in 2019 on behalf of Zone 2--Ontario. I started judging hunt tests in 2007. My goal is always to put on a challenging test that allows dogs to demonstrate that they have both the trained skills and natural aptitude to be superior hunting companions. Living in rural Norfolk County just north of Long Point and Lake Erie, I am fortunate to have access to wonderful hunting opportunities. My dogs are used on pheasant, woodcock, ducks and geese as often as I am able to get out in the fall.

I am now on my third generation of Master Hunter Goldens. I started into retriever field events with my boy Winter, as I wanted to get his WC to qualify for a versatility award. He became Ch. Amberwood Winter Wonderland CD SH WCX/Am. SH WCX. Training him got me hooked on this sport. I got my hunting license, shotguns, and traded in my minivan for a 4WD truck!

After getting my start with Winter, I went in search of a more versatile pedigree that would give me a better chance at making the Master level. This brought Breeze into my life from New Hampshire. She spent her first day in Ontario at a hunt test, and with mentorship from Sandie Bond and a great amateur training group, would become Trowsnest Sterre Autumn Breeze SH WCX/Am. MH RN and the foundation of my breeding program. She never finished her CKC MH due to an injury that ended her competition career, but she’s still kicking at 12 years plus. Her now 8 year old daughter Bonnie ran the CNMRC in 2016, making it to the 5th series, and in 2017 in Manitoba qualified to earn her NMH. With her I also ventured into Qualifying Field Trials. She is now GMH NMH Sterre Texas Bluebonnet QFTR WCX CGN. I am now also running her just turned 3 year old daughter Tana, Sterre Spirit of the West MH WCX***, in MH and Qualifying in pursuit of GMH and Qual titles, and hope to keep a girl from her first litter to continue growing in the sport.

Involvement in this sport has given me the opportunity to travel around North America to judge and compete, with destinations from Manitoba, to Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia in Canada, as well as Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Alabama in the United States. I’ve met so many interesting people and made wonderful friends along the way, and hope to do the same this summer in Alberta. See you in August!


Zone 3: Dewayne Hay, 26 Rockcliffe Road, Winnipeg, MN R2J 3E1

I am very excited to be involved with judging the National in 2019! I have been actively involved in the hunt test game and the retriever game in general since 1996. I have had the pleasure of owning several golden retrievers since I began in the dog world and have obtained one National Master, two Grand Master and multiple master hunt titles. 

Being an active waterfowl hunter I believe that hunt tests should be set up and judged as close to actual hunting situations as possible. The National Master Hunt is the top of the game and I believe it should be a challenging but fair and most importantly a fun event. 

I am very excited and honored to have been selected along with my co-judges Shelly & Steve to judge the 2019 National Master Hunt Test. I would like to thank the Alberta Clipper Hunting Retriever Association and all the competitors for their commitment to our game that we all enjoy so much. We will all make the 2019 National Master an exciting experience! 

Good Luck to all the participants.