Alberta Clipper Hunting
Retriever Association

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Membership Details

Membership Application and Volunteer Sign Up 2023  


Welcome to the 2023 Alberta Clipper Hunting Retriever Association (ACHRA) membership page. Please use the above link to the Google Form for your 2023 membership and volunteer service registration.  Each section is on a different page that can be accessed by clicking next at the bottom of each page.  You can also return to the previous page by clicking back at the bottom of each page.  Although all members must commit to completion of at least one job in 2023, or land access will be lost, it would assist organizers greatly if members selected a couple of jobs they can commit to. Events may not go ahead if there are insufficient volunteers. 

You will see from the itemized list of jobs, it takes a great deal of manpower to host club events and put on hunt tests.  As a club, we rely on every member pitching in to help.  Don’t feel as if you do not have the skills to help.  For the most part the jobs are easy to learn and more experienced club members are happy to provide training if needed. Please take the time to review each section and help where you can, this makes event organization much easier!  The inability to source enough volunteers may result in the cancellation of events.